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Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring musings

A strange week, weather wise. After really nice weather last Saturday, Sunday broke cold and a bit windy. Then it progressively got worse until finally, it culminated in a 27 degree temperature that killed two impatience plants and three begonias, but didn't hurt a leaf on the petunias. I was delighted that a new petunia survived, as I had paid a bit for it. I think it's name is something like Lemon Zest. Petunias are amazing - last summer mine looked great even in the 100 degree- plus weather we had for a loooooong spell. Now here they are surviving the freezing temps. I also found a beautiful lavendar-ish purple one that I hope to plant soon.

Here are a few pictures, one of the Lemon petunia. I don't have it planted yet in this picture. Please excuse the horrible grass/dirt. We have a new puppy and this is his running area.

I love this pot of yellow tulips. It just says "Spring". I think it looks really nice with the muscari.
I like this color arrangement, too. Pink, purple, yellow and a little white...perfect!

Spring is just jumping all over the place. Won't be long until I can get some of the more tender annuals in the ground. I can't wait! Isn't it weird that there are no tulips blooming in the end of the garden on the right. There are plenty planted, but they haven't bloomed yet. I guess it just has a different micro-climate. I keep trying to get three groups blooming at the same time - middle and both ends. Oh well, maybe I'll plant some in pots next year and use it to fill in until they bloom.

Hope you are having a lovely gardening weekend.