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Saturday, March 15, 2008


And so it begins....and I am so excited. The garden is jumping to life. Today was really warm and nice, but we had devastating storms in the area. Thankfully, nothing serious here. The daffodils are done. The bi-colored ones are so pretty. 3 years ago I noticed hyacinths that I had planted in other parts of the garden were blooming at the same time as the bi-colored daffs. I actually made a plan and bought the pretty yellow and pink hyacinths to plant next to the daffs for the next years spring. Oh well, "best laid plan..." and all that.
February bleakness (my garden never completely goes away):

Beautiful snow fell on the garden in early March. It was so pretty. Just a very light dusting. Looked like fairies had spinkled the garden with sugar!

Today I planted the big urn, but my camera's battery gave out so I will have to save a posting of if it for another day.
This week I finished putting out composted manure on the garden. I didn't have enough to spread all over, so I just heaped it around each individual plant - except for the bearded iris; I remembered reading somewhere that they don't like manure (or was it mushroom compost? - now I can't remember).
I made several notes to myself last year for this spring and I've been trying to get the list done.
I moved the phlox around. I am in the process of grouping some of the coneflowers that have come up from seeds - they are sprinkled all over the garden and I want to get them together. I moved one of my sedums over. I removed the alliums (time to replant with fresher bulbs I think).
I planted the big urn. They had the purple fountain grass out early this year. Usually it doesn't show up in the garden centers until April, so I was able to get it planted in the urn. I'm going for the same arrangement as last years - only for spring I'll plant alyssum to drape until I can get varigated sweet potato vine and coleus.
Lots still to do. I'll be having a week off work the second week of April. I can't wait!


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