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Sunday, December 3, 2017

December Days

Hello! December already?!?  Doesn't it seem like time has produced wings and is swiftly moving ahead? I just want to throw my hands out and push back. Stop! Stop! There is too much to do and see and enjoy - but I'm less organized than ever and I feel like I can't get out from under the crushing weight of a "to-do" list that is quickly turning into a "didn't-do" list. And of course, when life gets like that and you just want to pull the blanket over your head, you yearn for something familiar and and cozy and a quilt! I amaze myself with my ability to sit at the sewing machine and not see a single thing that tells me I should be doing this instead of that. It's really a wonderful quality to have in your arsenal of things that you like to think are good,(but really aren't). 

We are experiencing a rather strange autumn here in Georgia. Usually by this time our leaves have  fallen, but this year they are hanging on and looking beautiful. Unfortunately it has greatly increased the chore of raking, bleh. We're looking forward to some cold weather this coming week, finally something that will feel seasonal - and I get to wear actual cold-weather clothing! That's a great big RAH!

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