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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's the end...the end of a fabulous Spring Break. I continued my "This Year" list and wonderfully accomplished more.

Sally and I had a great time together, doing so many of the things we have talked about doing. We are quite proud of ourselves! We made these adorable little pies in jars. I think they turned out terriffic!

We also got to finally set the table using the pretty new blue dishes. We had been waiting patiently for the Virburnum to bloom - how nice that it waited until I was off work for a week! To go along with our pretty table we had an equally pretty dinner Not just any pizza, but special, homemade pizza cooked on the grill. It was pretty good, but I kept thinking it was missing something. After all was done and I was cleaning up I saw the pack of cheese and it read "Colby and Monteray Jack" instead of mozzarella. Believe me, it made a difference. I will always be sure to double check next time I go to buy the cheese!

I spent a little time in the garden, not near as much as I should have, but I got a few things planted and have some good plans in my mind.
Daughter and I decided to join a community garden at our church where the produce will be going to a women's shelter in the county. We have had one good day of hard work (I'm older than I realize!) and more to come.

Not much else going on. DH is going to be having knee replacement surgery in two weeks, not looking forward to that!

Trying to keep all the fun stuff recorded in my journal was usually how I spent my evenings. All-in-all it was a lovely week spent at home with my children, spending time doing the stuff that matters - family stuff. Good times.

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