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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Lake

That top photo was one of the prettiest pictures I ever took. I love everything about it. But it hurts my heart to see what's become of that beautiful lake. I know it will be back one day, but now it is a sea of green grass. It looks very much like a low land swamp. I guess even the way it is now has it's own beauty. They drained the lake so people could fix whatever they needed to fix around their edge, but when they started to fill it back up they realized there was a problem and had to stop. Now it's just sitting there. I go over that bridge 3 times a week at least and I've not seen anything being done. I hope they start mending whatever needs to be mended soon!

This lake is on the way to my father's house. It's a beautiful drive, even though it's dead in the center of "town". But it is so beautifully planted for all seasons. It's where I go out on the golf cart and enjoy the Cherry trees in Spring, and smell an unknown vine in fall that is sweet as honey. Get movin' Peachtree City!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you've got a great weekend planned!


  1. Hello Leslie girl !
    What on earth happened with the lake ? is the "grass" native to the lake and just became a problem recently ? ... I have never seen anything like that before ... it is discouraging that nothing is being done, I understand that completely !
    Here is hoping that something will be done to clean up the lake and soon.

  2. I sure hope they sort if all out soon and you get your lake back.

  3. Sad to see the lake like that. I hope "they" fix it soon. It's a beautiful spot.