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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Thank you Cold Winter!!! I love you so much!  

When we have a cold winter, my garden is always so pretty. This past winter we were blessed with cold, snow, and more cold. February had very few of the warmer days that we usually have. By March everyone was complaining of the cold, but I knew what it meant for my garden and was secretly saying RAH!  The pea gravel we put down is still fabulous, though we had a huge wind storm this past week, and I've yet to collect all the debris that is completely covering it. I also need to take care of the weeds starting to come up through the gravel. This will be a busy weekend!

The Columbine blooms are in decline now and the Iris are almost done, too. The Salvia, May Night has been gorgeous and is always being visited by a cute little bumble bee. The large Viburnum dropped many petals in the big winds, and now the remaining ones are starting to decline. I love the look of the petals on the ground and floating in the little water feature. 

The garden is getting a little quiet right now, before the move into the next phase of blooms. Can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes.  

I hope your having a great Saturday, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Your garden is so beautiful. I love those deep violet columbines. We are quite a bit behind you - the irises won't bloom for another month or so. But the tulips are nearly finished and the lilacs are perfuming the air. It's fun to watch the progression of blooms in a garden.

  2. I love your gratitude for the cold winter!
    We are quite a bit behind you, as Lorrie wrote, but it just stretches the season out when we can see blossoms on blogs and then in our own gardens.

  3. It is looking very pretty in your garden, Leslie. You know I guess I've never paid attention to whether my garden looks nicer after a cold winter. From now on I'll be keeping that in mind.
    Here in NC my irises should be opening any day now. This is such an exciting time to be in the garden. Something new every day.

  4. Sweet spring garden with lovely flowers. I forget about Columbine and like your purple ones. The iris are beautiful. We just bought some bulbs here in Holland to plant. Enjoy your spring. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden as it grows.

  5. \Wow, your gardens are beautiful. I love the gorgeous flowers. So much color..the columbine is my favorite.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  6. Hello Leslie

    How lovely it all looks and I agree a cold winter does wonders for a garden!
    I'm drooling over the soft mauve flowers to the left of your pink Iris.
    Would you mind telling me the name of it so I can write it in my garden notebook?
    I would love to add it to my border for next Summer.

    Yes I agree it is lovely to think there are roses giving pleasure to someone else now!
    However, I am happy to put the garden to bed for the Winter months. She needs a rest after all her hard work giving us so much pleasure through Spring and Summer!!
    I can now get on to sewing and embroidery projects that have been patiently waiting in the corner!

    Thank you for visiting - I'm following you now as I enjoy the same things as you, a bit of embroidery and family too!


    1. Hi Shane! Thanks so much for your kind comments! I believe the plant you are speaking of is the spiky purple one? It is Salvia, May Night. I love it. It is really blooming well this year, I believe it liked the cold winter. Thank you for following, I am now following you too. I look forward to spending a little time perusing your blog.

  7. My kind of garden - pastel colours and garden beds lined with rocks. I feel right at home amongst your plants.

  8. I never connected a cold winter to a pretty spring! Your garden certainly is lovely.

  9. Your garden looks beautiful!!! It is way ahead of ours here but we had a cold winter so I guess I have lots to look forward too!


  10. You have so many beautiful flowers. I always had Columbine in NC but never this many blooms! And I always loved salvia. You have so many of my favorites in your flower bed. Happy Spring!

  11. It all looks absolutely gorgeous Leslie! I love your Iris and Colombines and Salvia and the Virburnum petals in the water are so magically looking! Your garden is a bit ahead of mine because the Colombines and Irisses are just starting to bloom over here. I wonder if you have ever put Allium bulbs in your garden beds? I bet they would just start to bloom now in your garden and would look fantastic. I can't wait for my Allium Globemaster bulbs to bloom here very soon along with the roses.

    1. Hi Carola! I have tried allium before, not had great success but perhaps it's time to try them again. I don't get much sun, not sure if that was the problem. Thank you for visiting and your kind comments! I look forward to seeing your pretty garden as it moves through the seasons.